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Short Documentary
Stateless in American Samoa for UNHCR
Stateless in American Samoa
Profile of a stateless man, Mikhail Sebastian, stuck in American Samoa after having lived in the US for 16 years, for UNHCR

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Haiti Sexual Based Violence Haiti: Rape Survivors
Surviving Rape in refugee camps for IRIN News

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HIV education in prisons in Haiti Haiti: The Prison Educator
HIV education in Pétionville's women's prison, for IRIN News

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Food Vendors in Port-au-Prince Haiti Haiti
Food vendors deal with rising food prices for IRIN News

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Personal Documentation in Haiti Haiti
Challenges facing those who lost personal documentation post-earthquake for UNHCR

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Standing Tall: Leprosy Survivors Thrive in Cairo Community
Short documentary film about Abu Zaabal, the oldest leprosy colony in the Middle East, for IRIN News, a project of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

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Climate Change in the Nile Delta

Farmers in the Nile Delta deal with the effects of climate change

Short documentary film about the effects of climate change on farmers in the Nile Delta, for IRIN News, a project of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

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Climate Change in Bolivia Forced to Flee: Climate Migrants in Bolivia
Short documentary fim about climate migrants in La Paz, Bolivia, for IRIN News, a project of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

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African Refugees in Israel

Forced to Flee: Israel's African Migrants
Short documentary fim about African migrants in Tel Aviv, Israel for IRIN News, a project of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

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Firefight in Afghansitan

Firefight in Afghanistan
Short documentary showing an American platoon caught in a firefight with Taliban fighters in Afghanistan, edited from footage shot by 60 Minutes Producer Jeff Newton. Produced for Conflict Zone, an exhibit featuring work from some of the world's leading combat photographers and journalists.

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Iraqi Refugees in Jordan

Iraq's Refugees: Living in the Shadows
Amman, Jordan: Once proprietors of a Baghdad jewelry shop, this 18-member family now struggles to run their lives out of a three-bedroom apartment. Although free from the sectarian violence that has engulfed Iraq, they still face an uncertain future.

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Injured Children in the Iraq War

No More Victims: One Man's Quest to right the wrongs of war

No More Victims is a non-profit organization that brings Iraqi children who've been injured as a direct result of US Forces to the United States for medical treatment. Meet Omar, Salee, and Rusul, three of many children to whom he's given a new chance at life.

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Iraqi Refugees in Damascus, Syria

Diary from Damascus
With the war in its fifth year and over four million people displaced, one who wonders how an American journalist visiting a family of Iraqi refugees would be treated might be surprised.

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UNCHR 60th Anniversary Video
This interview with Trinh Doan, a Vietnamese American who came to the US in 1979, was filmed for UNHCR's 2011 refugee congress.


Street Art in New York City

GOOD Magazine - 11 Spring Street Art Exhibit
A documentation of one of the most significant exhibitions of street art ever. Artists from all over the world came to the vacant space at 11 Spring Street in NYC to plaster, paint, solder, glue, and otherwise make their mark on the building before it was converted to condominiums. When the space opened to the public for three days last December, tens of thousands of people lined up for blocks to enter.

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Feature Documentary

Gay Iraqi Refugees From Baghdad to Brooklyn
From exile in Syria to a new start in New York, one journalist chronicles a young Iraqi's journey and the unlikely friendship that emerges. Directed by Jennifer Utz.

Currently in production. Fiscal Sponsorship provided by Women Make Movies.

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Norman Finkelstein American Radical: The Trials of Norman Finkelstein

Supervising Producer and Cinematographer for a feature-length documentary about the Jewish-American Academic Norman Finkelstein.

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South Africa Townships

Semester At Sea

Semester at Sea
Feature-length documentary about the Semester at Sea study-abroad program.


The Students Visit the Townships of South Africa (RT: 04:48)
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The Voyage Comes to an End (RT: 01:11)
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Sea Olympics (RT: 00:58)
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Semester at Sea: Trailer (RT: 03:01)
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News Reports/Advocacy

Bolivia Climate Change The People vs. Climate Destruction: News Report for GRITtv
Coverage of April 2010 World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Jennifer Utz reports.

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Clashes in East Jerusalem, Silwan
Tension in East Jerusalem: News Report for GRITtv
While people in the U.S. may be changing their minds about Israel and Palestine, citizens in East Jerusalem continue to suffer. Jennifer Utz visited East Jerusalem recently and reported on the plans to demolish up to 88 homes in the neighborhood of Al Bustan. Street clashes earlier this month were only the latest symptom of the mounting tensions.

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Bolivia's Struggle for Water
Bolivia's Struggle for Water
In Bolivia, it is estimated that over 1/3 of the population faces a daily struggle to get enough water.  The country now recognizes water as a basic human right, and has struggled in the past with multinational corporations attempting to make a profit off the people's needs.  Tami Woronoff and Jennifer Utz were in Bolivia recently and filed this report on the ongoing fight for water.

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Iraqi Refugees Return to Iraq

Iraqi Refugees: Going Home, from Damascus to Baghdad
It may seem incomprehensible to go back to one of the most dangerous places on earth, but for Marwa and her family, Iraq is the only home they know.

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BBC Switch
"Revealed," a program on BBC Switch, an online video hub for British youth

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Iran UN General Assembly, Shirin Ebadi
Press Conference on Iran
Coinciding with the 2010 UN General Assembly, this press conference on human rights in Iran featured Nobel Laureates Shirin Ebadi and Mairead Maguire.

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South Sudan Message from Supermodel Alek Wek
Appeal for support for UNHCR's initiatives in South Sudan, from International Supermodel Alek Wek

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Don't Let Ahmadinejad Off the Hook in New York
Coinciding with the 2011 UN General Assembly, The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran highlights the importance for journalists to ask Iran's president tough questions about human rights abuses in his country.

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Press Conference for Released American Hikers
Shane bauer and Josh Fattal, the two Americans released by Iran after more than two years in detention, returned to the United States on Sunday September 25th.

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Comcast Network's Backstage
Blake Hayes takes you BACKSTAGE with David Blaine. His latest stunt -- hanging upside down for 60 hours above New York's Central Park -- is his most dangerous yet.
Originally seen on CN8/Comcast Network's Backstage.

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Democracy Now

Democracy Now
Associate Producer and Middle East Correspondant for Democracy Now, a daily radio and television news broadcast, hosted by the award-winning journalist Amy Goodman.

  • Shooting news events on location
  • Control Room Production during each day’s live news broadcast
  • Researching guests and show topics
  • Editing visual material for each day’s program
  • Creating on-air graphics with Photoshop
  • Monitoring Reuters news feeds, booking insert studios

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Multimedia Projects

Iraqi Refugee Stories Iraqi Refugee Stories
Iraqi Refugees find home on new website: voices missing from the media tell of life in exile.

All text, video interviews, editing, graphic design, and web design by Jennifer Utz

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Iran Human Rights

Weekly News Podcasts: Iran Human Rights Issues
Weekly podcast that provides a review of major human rights issues for the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran.

Scriptwriting, interviews, and narration by Jennifer Utz

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Corporate Work

CBS News

Domestic News Editing for CBS, ABC, and FOX


BBC America

BBC America: News Promos
> Democratic National Convention 1 (RT: 00:20)
> Democratic National Convention 2 (RT: 00:20)
John McCain VP Choice (RT: 00:20)
Republican National Convention (RT: 00:15)

> Newsnight 15 sec promo (RT: 00:15)
> Newsnight 30 sec promo (RT: 00:30)

60 Minutes

60 Minutes
Freelance researcher for CBS Chief
Foreign Affairs Correspondent Lara Logan

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Hearst Publications, Marie Claire, Seventeen, Esquire
Hearst Corporation
5D Mark II cinematography for

> Seventeen
> Esquire
> Marie Claire
Ann Taylor LOFT Ann Taylor LOFT
5D Mark II and HVX200 cinematography for Ann Taylor LOFT regional manager's conference.

Eastern Kentucky University
Broadcast commercial for Eastern Kentucky University, featuring EKU Alumn Jeff Newton, of 60 Minutes.

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Jane Campion
Jane Campion: An Interview for Barnes and Noble

Jane Campion discusses her latest film, "Bright Star" for Barnes &

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Third Millenium Foundation - Spread Tolerance

The project's goal: "Meet the Third Millennium Foundation's founder, Marco Stoffel, and two program partners and learn about what you can do to stand up against intolerance."

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Freelance Cinematography

Dateline SBS  

A group of young Muslims in the United States are gaining worldwide attention by rebelling against their conservative worldwide Islamic upbringing, and they're using punk music to do it.

  • Videographer in NYC for Director and Correspondent Sophie McNeil

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Dateline SBS  

Burma: In the Frame
The constant threat of capture, arrest and torture are just some of the hazards of working as an undercover journalist in Burma. The brave video-journalists of the Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) are the only media in Burma that has so far managed to evade the savage crackdown on that country’s free press.

  • Videographer in NYC for Director and Correspondent Aaron Lewis

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Dateline SBS

Puppy Love
When soldiers return home from war zones like Iraq, it's not just the physical scars that take time to heal. Many are traumatized and suffer from PTSD. Videojournalist Aaron Lewis meets some of the people being helped back to a normal life by East Coast Assistance Dogs, whose animals provide not only physical help, but also an important emotional bond.

  • Videographer in NYC for Director and Correspondent Aaron Lewis

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Participatory Video

India Video Volunteers

India Video Volunteers

Video for Social Change
I spent four months living in Gujarat, India, where I taught video production to members of a women's empowerment NGO.

The students' final project was designed to reach a non-literate audience of marginalized lower-caste and indigenous populations.

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Introduction (RT: 02:04)
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Education (RT: 00:56)
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Call to Action (RT: 01:12)
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